Ocean of Thoughts – Poems about Social Issues and Human Values

Ocean of Thoughts - Poems about Social Issues and Human Values
Abut the Book: Ocean of thoughts as the name suggests covers the myriad range of thoughts that need to be explored and exposed. Thoughts of spirituality, materialism humanity, optimism, pain, poverty etc. Have found expression in such a way that stirs the emotions of the readers. Most of the poems are the minute observations of different aspects and phases of life, its complications etc. The poems in this collection not only highlight the problems and ills of life but also find solutions for conquering the ills of life. Each poem of this collection ponders over the present critical human situations and suggests the way to come out of them. The readers should definitely have a dive in this ocean of thoughts to pick and choose the pearls of their own choice. About the Author: Mrs. Sangeeta Mahesh is a bilingual poet (Hindi & English), critic and assistant professor of English at Moradabad institute of technology, Moradabad, U.P. (india). She has contributed many poems and research papers to various journals and anthologies. She has presented poetry and research papers in various national and international conferences. Her areas of interest are english language teaching, indian english literature and creative writing. She loves writing poems about social issues and human values. Poetry means to her the expressions of powerful emotions in rhythmic yet simple words. She believes that poetry should have a purpose along with amusement. It should be able to evoke our mind and soul. Ocean of thoughts is her first collection of poems. Many poems of this collection have been published in various reputed journals and anthologies.
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