Fruit Production Technology

Fruit Production Technology documents the exciting developments in the field and makes accessible to the reader a comprehensive and coherent coverage of the basic needs of orchard management with the principles and techniques of plant regeneration, care, preservation of fruit. The principles underlying the advances made in fruit production have been analysed in thirteen chapters before discussing the special problem of each fruit crop separately and fully. The know-how of the problems of fruit production is invaluable to pomologists, extension workers, educated farmers and those interested in fruits in any manner whatsoever. Here is a blending of science and art of fruit growing for better and consistent production with its major achievements stated as simple factors and established principles in plain straightforward manner. Any one who gardens and wants to know more about the control of plants functions will find the book useful. The book discusses the complexities of metabolic control that the plant exercises with changes in external environment, supply of nutrient, shift in hormonal balance or C / N ratio, etc. in behaviour of fruiting plants. The treatment of the problems of fruit production is complete and up-to-date in all respects. It is hoped that the book fulfills the needs of a number of horticultural courses of Universities besides serving as practical pomology manual for all occasions.
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