S. Chand’s Principles of Physics for Class XII

Principles of Physics for Class 12 (English) 1st Edition by S. Chand is especially designed to help students studying in class 12. The book is especially meant to help all those students studying under the Central Board for Secondary Education. The book focuses on the subject of Physics and includes all the important topics that the class 12 student needs to prepare himself with in his exam. The book is highly reliable as it designed by the National Council for Educational Research and Training. It also serves as an effective study guide for candidates preparing for entrance examinations. The book contains value based questions that can improve a candidate’s preparation. About S Chand and Company The publishing house was established in 1939 in a narrow lane at Chandni Chowk. It mainly began with the aiming of making books by Indian authors affordable to all students and in this way, taking a step in the education of people in our country. Today S Chand and Company is the publisher of various books from school books and children’s books to books of higher education as well as other professional books. The house has also published books for competitive exams like Objective Mathematics for Engineering Entrance Exam by R.S Aggarwal and Deepak Aggarwal, Mastering Physics for IIT JEE by M W Smarth, Numerical Problem in Physical Chemistry by B. S Bahl and Arun Bahl and Gate Computer Science and Information Technology by D. P. Nagpal to name a few.
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