Eduwiser’s CBSE Mathematics for Class XI – Vol. 1 (English)

Eduwiser’s CBSE Mathematics for class XI – Vol. 1 is a result of market surveys that we have been conducting to know the actual requirements of a book that aligns itself with the prescribed guidelines by the CBSE. This book, hence, is specifically suited for the students appearing in CBSE Class XI and state board (Where NCERT syllabus has been adopted) examinations based on the new syllabus. This book serves as a text book with emphasis on not just imparting theoretical concepts but also sufficient problems for practice. On one hand, it has exhaustive and relevant theory to explain all the desired concepts and on the other, has a lot of solved and unsolved (With detailed solutions and hints) questions designed specially to help students master the concepts explained. The present book covers units – I and II in 19 chapters. The second volume of the book covers the remaining units III, IV, V and VI. Salient features of this book are- Intended for students appearing in CBSE class XI and state board examinations following NCERT syllabus · Exhaustive but concise theory with proofs and detailed explanation with special eLearning feature on Categorization of problems into different types with defined working rule to solve them. This makes the book self-help in nature Alternative methods to solving a problem have been provided at many places to help the students think out of the box NCERT problems have been given special attention and a large number of them have been provided in solved examples for better understanding of the subject This has been done to improve problem solving skills of students Problems in the exercises (unsolved problems) have been graded based on their difficulty level Relevant questions from JEE Main & Advanced, IIT-JEE, AIEEE and other state level engineering examinations have been included for students preparing for the same Objective questions and short answer questions have been included at the end of every chapter for sufficient practice. About the Author Prof. K. C. Sinha is a recognized and reputed name with over 30 years of rich experience in guiding students for entrance into IITs and other Engineering Colleges across India through his two dozen text books for schools, colleges and competitive examinations. Prof. Sinha is a Ph. D in Mathematics and holds the distinction of being a double Gold Medalist (Topper) in his B. Sc (Hons.) and M. Sc examinations. He is currently a Professor at the PG department of Mathematics, Patna University. Besides guiding research scholars at the University, Prof. Sinha also contributes significantly in several National and International seminars.
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