The Ghazi Attack

In 1971, a Pakistani submarine called the PNS Ghazi ventured into Indian waters with the ambition of destroying the INS Vikrant. What stopped them? The heroes aboard the Indian submarine S-21. It’s the war you did not know about. Buy the book The Ghazi Attack from Advertisements

The Foolish Crow

Kauaa the crow is very hungry and has finally managed to get a roti to eat. Now, Lombdi the wily jackal wants that roti. Do his clever plans work? Buy the book The Foolish Crow from

Dada [New]

DADA is the towering story of a simple man who is forced by circumstance into the world of crime.Devraj Singh ( Mithun Chakraborthy ) with his wife and sister sets foot in a big city where he happens to spot a shot-out in which Akbar Peerzada, a well known underworld don ias shot by his…